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Sunday, 28 November 2010

The snowy week

The week started with me going to the club on Monday night, did the warm as normal we passed the ball over and under and we did some twister by passing the ball to next person. Then we did two sets of circuits, which I did apart from one exercise because my back was still bad. We did press-ups against the wall pull-ups and many more. At the end Sonja always gets us to balance on one leg which I some times struggle with and we did a cool down. Rest on Tuesday. With the time trial on Wednesday we did 3 sets of exercises which consisted of sit-ups, hand step ups, and star jumps which I did the first set but my back started to hurt me so I stopped and just did the time trial which was down Station Road which I did in a slower time than I have done in the past. My time was 19.27. Rest on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I did go out on Sunday afternoon in the snow around the field behind were I live I ran around 5 times and ran across the field 10 times which was hard work in the snow I didn’t attempt the footpath because they were icy and I did 10 minutes on my walking machine to finish off which take my running to 5 miles and the count down to 690.2 miles

week 45

Monday - Morning: 3 mile steady Evenings: Club
Tuesday - Rest or Cross Train
Wednesday - Morning: 3 miles steady off road Evening : Club
Thursday - 3 mile steady – rest
Friday - 3 mile steady – rest
Saturday - 3 mile steady – rest
Sunday - 3 miles steady - 3 miles

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