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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Whitby Cross Country

To the club on Monday night where we did the warm up as normal. Got in groups of 3 and had to run on a thick mat for 30 seconds we did 5 sets which was hard on my legs, they knew they had a good workout. We did 6 different stomach exercises such as sit-ups with a ball taken to each side, opposite arm and legs and many more and just before we did a cool down Sonja got us stand on one leg and balance which seem easy but was hard. Rest on Tuesday. Back to the club on Wednesday night, we did across the hall with all the different exercises such as sit-ups, plank, step-ups and press-ups. David took the second part of the session where we did 6x2 minutes with a 2 minutes rest I kept pace with Ian Codling for the first 2 sets I then struggled with running at his pace but I did stayed on his shoulders for the last four sets. Managed to do 12 lengths in each set that with a 3 miles fast walk before going to the club. I went out for a 5 mile run on Thursday after work around Northallerton which was great just to get out. Rest on Friday. Saturday was going to be a 3 mile run but I changed my mind and did a mini circuits in the flat running on my mattress for 30 seconds and then 1 minute on my walking machine, I did for 10 minutes then finished off with 1 set of 7 sit-ups with left elbow torch or right knee and sit-ups with weight taken to each side. I then had the cross county on Sunday at Whitby which was 3 laps around a nice muddy course which I did enjoy apart from the big hill which was very slippery I did hold on to thr rope on the first lap I did nearly trip up on the first lap and nearly lost my grip on the last lap going up the hill overall I did enjoy the cross country apart from my time which was 11 minutes slower than last year my plan was for me to try and follow my marathon plan I did towards the end of the week which takes my running to 10.7 miles and the miles so far to 10.7 miles this year

week 2

Monday - Morning: 3 mile steady Evenings: Club
Tuesday - Rest or Cross Train
Wednesday - Morning: 3 miles steady off road Evening : Club
Thursday - 3 mile steady – 5 mile
Friday - 3 mile steady – rest
Saturday - 3 mile steady – mini circuits
Sunday - 3 miles steady – cross country

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