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Sunday, 27 February 2011

12.8 mile run today

With my bad foot and with the school closed for the half-term I had a rest on Monday and Tuesday night. I was going to Scarborough to do the time trial but decided to do a 3.8 mile run on Wednesday night instead just around Northallerton just to test the foot and it was ok. I went out on Thursday night for another 3.9 miles run just around Northallerton which I enjoyed. But not my burnt fish that was cooked by my younger brother who has been staying with me in the holiday. Rest on Friday and Saturday. I needed to do a 13 mile as I missed last Sunday and with only 8 weeks left I thought its time to leave the 10/11 miles and concentrate on doing 13 mile runs on Sunday with out boring myself with doing the same course I can say that I did 7.2 miles to start with which I could have just gone home after 2 miles because I really didn't want to do a long run today and couldn’t find an interesting route but I did and carried on through the barrier and came home and got a drink and set back off on the over 6 miles which I struggled my legs feeling stiff and been very tired I did surprise self that I had done 12.8 miles run next Sunday is going to be hard because I am doing 15 miles next week around Northallerton which should be interesting which takes my running to 20.5miles and the count so far to 101 miles

week 8

Monday – rest
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday - Morning: 3.8 miles
Thursday – 3.9 miles
Friday – rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 13 miles run

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