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Monday, 23 May 2011

7 X 2minutes

The week started with me going to the club, we did the warm up such as back flip, high knee and many more different warm up exercises. We then got in to the session where we did to the first cone and back and to second and third cone we were in teams of 5, teams 4, team 3 and 2 where we didn't get much rest in between. We kept running in different teams of people and at the end I ended up in Rob's team where he made me going fast. We then did the cool down. Rest on Tuesday. Back to the club on Wednesday, we did a warm up. We then got into training as a group, we did 7x2minutes running around the course and then on to the track dropped the cone when Rob blew the whistle he also blows his whistle at 1 minute to see if we were at the same point and doing it at an even pace on the way back my I was faster so my pace needed to improve. We did the cool down. With no miles to report again this week.

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