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Sunday, 19 June 2011

6x3 Minutes

The week started of with doing 3.2 miles run on Monday night were I just had a run around the town centre. Rest on Tuesday night. Back to the club were we did 6x3minutes with 1 minutes rest in between I start of by running around track twice and then we did some warm around the big circle rob had done such as back Flip and side skipper we then got in to session were we went back to running around the field and track which I went further again compare to last week I most be improve more every week I think the even pace as gone out of the window by some time I get back on 3 minutes and some time I get back 10second faster. I did a speed session on valley road between the lamppost on Friday night my time have improve slight I have knock a few second off. Rest on Saturday. I went for a run on Sunday night after been sat the computer updating my family tree for 2.9 miles running up to the industrial estate and back home. Which take my running to 8.8 miles and the miles so far to 267.1 miles

Valley road speed session

1st 1.17
2nd 1.15
3rd 1.14
4th 1.13
5th 1.12

week 23

Monday – 3.2 mile run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Evening : Club
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 1 miles speed session
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 2.9 miles run

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