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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Oltey 5.8 miles

I took a rest on Monday night so that I was ready and raring to go to beat Tor Barker on Tuesday night at the evening league at Otley. With no rest on Tuesday night because of the evening league at Otley we got to the cricket club with 45 minutes to spare so I did a warm up. The race started and it was a 2 lap course and with the finish been in front of the pavilion. I was in front of Tor Barker for the first lap then Tor Barker over took me on the start of second lap just going up this steep hill and then it went down hill from then onwards and I finished 2 minutes behind Tor Barker in 62.04. Before getting to the race I was looking forward to the 2 lap course but overall the course wasn’t too bad and in fact I enjoyed it and would do it again next year. Back to the club on Wednesday night where Rob had a hard session planned for us to do, but with my legs been stiff from last nights race so I did the same as the other 3x6 minutes with 2 minutes rest but I just ran around the track for the 6 minutes doing 900m everytime so I planned to have a rest on Thursday and Friday and went out on Saturday morning for 1 mile run to stretch the legs as I was doing Rainton 10k on Sunday but when I phoned them to change the details they said they wouldn’t change them and I couldn’t run so I went out at 6pm for run which was still very warm and manage 2.8 miles which was good seeing how it was still very hot. So with the 30 miles in 30 day complete on Tuesday night I am just see how many I can do by Monday 27TH June. The next challenge will start on the 1st July doing 100 miles in 30 day of running and doing 50 miles in 30 day of walking me and Fran have got challenge on to see you can do the most miles in July. Which take my running to 11.4 and the miles so far to 278.5 miles

week 24

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 5.8 miles run
Wednesday - Evening : Club
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 1 miles
Sunday –2.8 miles run

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