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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wetherby Evening League

The week start with me finish my 30miles in 30 day with a3.3 miles runjust around Northallerton on Monday night which took the total to 42.2 miles in 30 day which I was very proud of myself for doing that amount of miles. My aim on Tuesday was to rest because I want to beat Tor at the evening league on Wednesday night. With no club training on Wednesday night because of the Wetherby evening leagues which was only 4.7 miles run which start Paddock House Lane and ran out on road up about 3 big hill around the loop and we finish on down hill in to Sicklinghall I did try and beat Tor again but she was 1 minutes in front of me again the race over all was very good and felt like a walk in the park. Rest on Thursday because I was start my new challenge on Friday. Fran as challenge me to 100 miles by the end of July but I am aim to do 150 miles in 31 day. So I am aim for 75mile walking and 75 miles running and thee rule are as follow any think on two legs and any think over 0.25 and I am not aloud to count any walking I do at work that boring big over with so I did 2.19 miles walk and 2.88 mile run which the run was around Northallerton and the walk was to work and back which was enough because Fran was in front by 0.68 of miles. That soon change on Saturday when I did 3.7 miles walk and 3.7 miles run which the run was around Northallerton and the walk was to work and back plus a extra walk before I start work and I was back in front by 0.94 of miles. With know that Fran was doing 10 miles walk on Sunday and not want fall behind her in the amount of miles I did 3.4 miles run and 5.03 miles walk which wasn’t enough because Fran now back in front by 0.1 of miles. I would like to do 569.7 mile of walking by the end of the year. Which take my running to 17.98 miles and the miles so far to 296.48 miles. Which take my walking to 10.92 miles and the miles so far to 10.92 miles

week 25

Monday – 3.3 miles run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday – Wetherby 4.7 miles run
Thursday – Rest
Friday - 2.19 walk miles , 2.88 run miles
Saturday – 3.7 miles walk, 3.7 miles run
Sunday – 5.03 miles walk 3.4 miles run

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