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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Richmond Evening League

No club on Monday until Ken gets back running from his injury, so I went out for 3.1 miles run just around Northallerton. Rest on Tuesday. To the club on Wednesday night, we did the warm up usual such as high knee and back flip, then we did 5x3 minutes with 1 minutes rest in between, each time we went a little faster past the cone around the course that Rob had set out for us. It was good hard session forgetting that it was the evening league the following night so I was feeling confident that I didn’t over do it. I went to the evening league on Thursday night at Catterick Garrison where we started at the athletics track and did a 6.5 miles run across the military range and back on to road, it was downhill to the finish where I caught Tor Barker up about 3 miles and ran with her to the finish. But just couldn't pass at the finish so she beat me this time but I will beat her at the next evening league. So the 30 miles in 30 day is going really well I have don 14.5 mile so far and it only the first week. Which take my running to 14.5 miles and the miles so far to 254.1 miles

week 21

Monday – 3.1 mile run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Evening : Club
Thursday – 6.5 miles run
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

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