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Friday, 14 October 2011

The Time Trial

The week started with going to the club on Monday night where we did the warm up then we then got into the session, we ran backwards and forwards the length of the rugby pitch for 20 min we ran in our teams. We went back in to the gym where we did some core exercises such as sit ups and press ups it was good to get back on Monday nights for a change I also did 4 miles walking around Northallerton. No running on Tuesday just 2.73 miles walking around Northallerton. Back to the club on Wednesday where we had the 2 mile time trial, we did 1 set of circuits to warm up and then ran down to the train station and back to Lidl I did a PB it must have been all this extra training I am doing plus a 2.06 miles walking so I total that day I did 5.36 miles. So on Thursday I had rest from running and just did a walk of 2.93 miles. I finished the week to Thursday on 23.12 and finished month on 159.75 miles and finished in front of Fran by 18.16 and finished in front of Hester by 16.31 seem to have 2 lazy runners you can beat me so I am to keeping the challenge trophy for another month. Start of the new month I did 4.72 miles walking and 2.45 miles running around Northallerton which took it to 7.17 miles I then went out on Sunday for 2.65 miles walking and 2.22 miles running around Northallerton so I finished the week to Sunday on 35.16 miles which takes my walking and running to 35.16 and the miles so far to 863.85 miles

MONDAY 4.0 2.0 6.0
TUESDAY 2.73 2.73
WEDNESDAY 2.06 3.3 5.36
THURSDAY 2.93 2.93
FRIDAY 3.49 2.61 6.1
TOTAL 15.21 7.91 23.14
SATURDAY 4.75 2.45 7.2
SUNDAY 2.65 2.22 4.87
TOTAL 7.4 4.67 12.07

Total miles done this month 165.85
Target 150
Total walk 7.37 run 4.67
Miles To Do 137.96
Total miles done this month 12.04

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