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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Another week of no running

The week started with having another rest from running and just walking and some biking this week so Monday I did 3.64 miles, Tuesday I did 4.42 miles, Wednesday I did 4.16, Thursday I did 3.25miles Friday I did 4.88 miles Saturday I did 2.17 miles and Sunday I did 2.97. I still went to the club on Wednesday to help with the time keeping and biking up to train station and back to the Athletics Club which has helped the knee I also did a 2.25 miles bike ride on Friday in Thirsk before I went out Friday night and suffered with a hangover on Saturday so I had a lazy day still behind by 7.1 miles and I am going to lose this months challenge with Fran Jeffery which takes my walking and running to 25.49 and the mile so far to 981.95 miles

MONDAY 3.64 0.0 3.64
TUESDAY 4.42 0.0 4.42
WEDNESDAY 4.16 0.0 4.16
THURSDAY 3.25 0.0 3.25
FRIDAY 4.88 0.0 4.88
SATURDAY 2.17 0.0 2.17
SUNDAY 2.97 0.0 2.97
TOTAL 25.49 0.0 25.49

Target 150

Total walk 25.49 run 0
Miles To Do 19.86
Total miles done this month 130.14

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