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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Back to Wednesday night training

The week begin with no running on Monday due to Ken been busy and I couldn’t get to training I was looking forward to do some training just to see how the hamstring would be. But I would have to leave that until Wednesday night training back to the walking on Monday and Tuesday so Wednesday came and Rob was back taking the session so I thought I would join in and do some training, so I did the warm up some circuits missing out star jump, squat thrust because of my hamstring. I did do 7 minutes of running until my hamstring started hurting so I stopped and had to endure 2 days of pain and couldn’t walk without it hurting me so the walking miles are down this week I was trying to rest but that didn’t seem to help. I was ok by Sunday so I decided to do 20 minutes on my walking machine and 10 minutes of core and circuits and 10 minutes cool down and guess what has happened again I can’t walk with out the hamstring been painful, so I think its time to give up running (only joking) which takes my running and walking to 26.0 miles and the miles so far to 1140.55 miles

MONDAY 2.47 0.0 2.47
TUESDAY 2.55 0.0 2.55
WEDNESDAY 5.28 2.0 7.28
THURSDAY 5.78 0.0 5.78
FRIDAY 2.9 0.0 2.9
SATURDAY 1.8 0.0 1.8
SUNDAY 3.22 0.0 3.22
TOTAL 24 2.0 26

Target 150

Total walk 24.0 run 2.0
Miles To Do 110.69
Total miles done this month 39.31

Running total 504.84

Walking total 635.71.

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