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Monday, 19 December 2011

Step Aerobics

I went to the running club on Monday night for the first time in 10 months, everyone was happy to see me we did the warm up and got into the session, we did a lot of different steps which was very good for the hamstring but not for the pain that I got afterwards. I could only run for about 20 minutes before my leg started to hurt so I just walked around instead of running. I went to the club on Wednesday night where I helped out with the time keeping for the time trial because my leg was still painful and I thought it was good idea to rest rather than running on it and making it worse. We had the Harriers Christmas dinner on Saturday we had a good night and there was even some dance moves as well. I did more walking this week again because I couldn’t run. Which takes my running and walking to 20.82 miles and the miles so far to 1161.37 miles

MONDAY 3.08 2.0 5.08
TUESDAY 2.05 0.0 2.05
WEDNESDAY 2.69 0.0 2.69
THURSDAY 2.12 0.0 2.12
FRIDAY 2.12 0.0 2.12
SATURDAY 0.57 0.0 0.57
SUNDAY 3.88 0.0 3.88
TOTAL 16.51 2.0 18.51

Target 150

Total walk 16.51 run 2.0
Miles To Do 89.87
Total miles done this month 60.13

Running Total 506.84

Walking Total 654.53

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