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Sunday, 14 October 2012

4X4 Min

The week started with me going to the club on Monday night where we did a warm as usual by running around the gym doing different warm up exercises. We then did some pyramids running up and down the gym, then did some super set of plank and donkey kick as one set and we did another super set which was sit up and burps we did this for 30 seconds and had no rest in between each set only at the end. We did a cool down by walking on the spot and few other cool down exercises. I never got out for a run today because I was busy, I went out on Tuesday for a 6 mile run around Northallerton at a slow pace I must be getting bored of running the same route every week must change them. I went to the club on Wednesday, did a warm up as usual and then  we got into circuits, we did 12 different exercises for 30 seconds before changing to the next we did this twice only thing is we got told to do less talking and more exercise from the club coach. We then did 4X4min with 1 min rest in between each set. I had a rest on Thursday from running and just did a few miles on the bike. I went on Friday for my run again around Northallerton I managed to do 7 miles I also managed to do 13 miles on the bike as well. I had another rest on Saturday from running and managed 15 miles on my bike I did go down to Thirsk to see my mum. There was few races on today but I chose to go for another run around boring Northallerton for 9 miles, I got to 5 miles and started my watch which made it a bit easier not thing I was doing 9 miles in one even I did. I was aiming for 7-8 miles but didn’t know what Fran done so I had make sure I was in front of her by Sunday which I am and there no fall sleep this month because Fran keep me on my toes with this challenge.

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