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Monday, 22 October 2012

The cold and sore throat

The week started with going to the club on Monday night at the school where we did the warm up with a jog around the gym then we did a lots of steps again such as running, step up, over the top and many more step exercise we then did a 7 set circuits with the plank, press up and many more. I went out on Tuesday evening for a 7 miles run around Northallerton town centre up Thirsk Road and back home managed to get 7 miles in again. I then went to the club on Wednesday night were we did a warm up then we got in to the 13 station circuits with 30sec on each exercise and do double squat we then did 3x5min with 2min rest in between each set we were just running up and down the sport hall at the school. We finish with a cool down. I had a rest on Thursday from running and just did some cycling. I went out on Friday night for another 7 miles run just around Northallerton again it never seem to be boring at the minute because I take a different route every time. I had a rest on Saturday from running just did some cycling but mostly had a rest. I then started with a sore throat and cold and woke up this morning feeling dreadful I only managed 3 miles run around Northallerton before feeling like crap and came home and it was that foggy I couldn’t see where I was going

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