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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wetherby Evening League

I already made arrangements to get a lift to the Wetherby race a few day earlier but when it came to the night I couldn't get motivated to go because they have changed my hours at work from 10-6 to 6-2pm so I felt rather tired in the afternoon. I couldn't think of any excuse to give to Andrew so I motivated myself at the last minute to get ready and walk down to the Mencap to get picked up. I went already changed knowing there wasn't any change facilities. I also missed the group photo because I went to the toilet but got on few other photos. I got near to the front of the race and then we were off I nearly got tripped up and there was few runners trying to push through but I made them wait, knowing what was coming I got myself into a good pace, managed at the start but then I had to up my game as a few runners on the second half where trying to catching me up so I upped the pace, I also managed to run up every hill, by the end of the race my legs where zapped and ready for some food . My time was 50min and my calves where tight the day after and I found it hard to walk

New gym workout

So far so good with my gym workout I haven’t quit yet, I am getting into the gym twice a week and continue up the reps each week by one if I can. I am starting to notice a difference in running I am less likely to give up now, I just need to try and fit a bit more running in now but everything else gets in the way like work or other stuff I do

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