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Monday, 3 August 2015

2 Race in 2 day

The first race was Harrogate which was a 10k race, now my only problem was with my busy life and finding it hard to train for the last 7 months and with only the gym work and few evening league races under my belt I didn't know how the race was going to go. We got there in plenty of time and i picked up my number went and got changed back at of the car. The race started on a narrow road and everyone was trying to get by and we had to contend with a hill at the start and Ian passed me but I thought I may or may not catch him up. There was a few more tough hills and to make matters worse we had to do 2 laps I did catch Ian up and overtook him and kept him at a good distance in front and pushing very hard in the last part of the race I got overtook by a few people just near the finish I just didn't have anything left in my legs and I also got a PB on this course by 3 min.

My second race was the handicap race at Otley where I was told I was starting 7:33:30 but when I got there the timekeeper said it was 7.32.30 and not 7.33.30 so I was going to argue and I set off with the rest of the group so tonight race was 1 lap with the exception of doing the field twice I quite enjoyed the race a part from the field bit and I managed to overtake people that I don’t normally overtake in a handicap race so I must be improving, I came 8th and we got a bottle of beer at the end of the race the food was lovely and very well marashalled

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