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Monday, 24 August 2015

So what been happening over the last month

I have been so busy over the last month with the new park run starting up on the 1st August going to the club and trying to get to the gym at least twice a week and try to sort my allotment out and running on Thursday night with Amanda

Gym session

I found out my Maxes for my gym workout that Paul Goacher gave me after I got told off for doing my workout wrong for about 2 months. The reason being not understanding how to find my max and what I need to do when I just carry on with the amount weight I had been doing before in the gym. So now all I am waiting for is Paul to do my new workout once his daughter Claire gets married this month. So hopefully I will be able to start in September so I can put my cardio to bed for a while

The Parkrun

I did the Test park run the Monday before the official park run was due to start on the 1st Aug and I enjoyed the run so much I turned up on the Saturday morning and ran the 3 laps with a little hill on the course. I ended up running a fast time on the mostly grass course which was faster than the test run and Fountain Abbey run back in Jan. I went back the second week to do a better time and then realised I had Darlington 10k day after so I did the 5k 2 min slower than the week before so hopefully I could do a PB at Darlington, I must be hooked because I went back for the third week and did a better time than the week before but it wasn't a PB and I will back this Saturday for my forth Northallerton park run and 5th park run so far this year

Running Club

I have been managing 2 days a week for the last month Monday night session are taken by Sonja and Rob Lickley, with exercise and some running and the Wednesday night session taken by Rob Burn. Rob has been on hand do a bit helping me to keep my head up on training night so when I do a race I run with my head up and not with my head down and hopefully I will use less energy and get more PB

Thursday night running with Amanda

I was looking to change my routine do a bit more running so when the park run started in Northallerton that was a good start and I wanted to try one more day running so I left Saturday for the park run and either Friday or Sunday for another day running and Tuesday And Thursday for my gym session but the extra day running never took off as I would make a excuse to why I couldn't be bothered to go out either too tired or busy doing something, that was until I found out about Amanda running group that ran on a Tuesday, Thursday night at 6.30 and Saturday morning so I opted for Thursday night run which we do at a fast pace around at between 8-10 min pace. so after I messaged Amanda on Facebook I joined them for my first run last Thursday at Hambleton Leisure Centre and we did 6.54 miles in just over hour at fast pace around Romanby. Warlaby X rd. Dolly Lane. Yafforth. Castle Hills n back thru Applegarth nothing like been chucked in at the deep end on my first Thursday run but I did enjoy the run and company. Yes I bloody did and I manage to hangout at back and keep up for most of the run there was a few hill along the route. I will be back for this Thursday.

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